What to Expect

What To Expect

Our initial conversation is usually a phone call where we briefly discuss where you are in your life and what you are trying to accomplish. During this call, we attempt to determine if we are a good fit and that we can help you. If the answer to both of these is yes, we will schedule an initial complimentary meeting to further our discussion.

You will then receive a confirmation letter or email and it will request that you bring certain documents based on our original phone call. The initial meeting is scheduled for 1 hour and we will base our next meeting(s) and time frames on whether you have a pressing need, the type of engagement, etc.

The vast majority of our clients receive long term investment management and ongoing financial planning. We do provide limited engagements for specific areas of planning but we strongly believe that your greatest benefit will come from ongoing investment management and planning. In today’s fast paced world, it is imperative that we know and understand what is going on in our clients’ lives on a real time basis, and we have found that this is simply not possible if we are not in consistent contact.

Limited engagements are all different, with some requiring very little time and information and others being more complex. Whether you fall in one of these categories or somewhere in between, we will provide our recommendations as quickly as possible so that you can make a good educated decision.

Our ongoing clients complete a discovery process and a risk tolerance analysis that compares your responses to other financial advisor's client responses in a global database. If you have any areas of planning that require a timely response, we will help you resolve these as quickly as possible.

When we have a full understanding of your goals, risk tolerance and current financial situation we will prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that will serve as a roadmap for investing the portfolio to meet your goals. Our final meeting in this initial sequence will consist of going over this IPS and answering any remaining questions that you might have. We will also discuss any areas of planning that remain and then invest your portfolio following the IPS. 

We maintain a to-do list for all of our ongoing clients with priority ranking which guides your future planning. This is a fluid document that will have things removed when completed as well as having regular additions as your life changes. As an example, we initially see a lot of clients with children who don’t have a will or other estate documents, so establishing an estate plan will go straight to the top of the list until it is completed.

Based on your needs and preferences, we schedule follow up meetings, phone calls and/or Emails to touch base, discuss where you are, and see if anything has changed in your life. Of course, our clients are encouraged to contact us when they have any questions or are facing any financial decision. We will also discuss your investments and progress toward your goals – and make revisions to your plan and as needed. In today’s world, many issues can be handled by a variety of communication paths including the usual email, phone or even skype etc. for our clients who live in other areas of the country.

Give us a call us and let’s plan for the wonderful future that you deserve! 

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